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"Torchbearer Award 2006" Gold eminence for Holiday Inn Thessaloniki - 10/05/2007

The “Torchbearer Award 2006”, the Intercontinental Hotels Group’s greatest distinction, has been awarded to Holiday Inn Thessaloniki and to 17 other hotels, among a total of 622 hotels that are owned or controlled by the international group in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
A splendid award ceremony took place in May 2007 at Hofburg Palace in Vienna. The award for Holiday Inn Thessaloniki was presented to Mr Aristotelis Thomopoulos, President and Managing Director of hotel’s company by Mr Richard Hartmann, Managing Director EMEA for Intercontinental Hotels Group.
The “Torchbearer Award 2006” is the Intercontinental Hotels Group’s greatest and most important award. This award category recognizes and rewards the outstanding performance of those hotels within the group which have received the highest scores at Guest Satisfaction Score Index. Specifically, the awarded hotels have achieved to be in the top 3% of the highest scorers at Guest Satisfaction Index and have also achieved the best results in terms of overall compliance with lntercontinental Hotels Group’s standards. The Guest Satisfaction Tracking System is compiled using data gained from surveys completed by randomly selected guests during their stay. Guests are asked to rate the hotel on different criteria, such as services, employees and facilities. The score that comes out in combination with the results of qualitative controls materialized on annual basis is used for each hotel’s evaluation by Intercontinental Hotels Group. The modern and stylishly decorated areas, the special services and facilities, the high quality products and finally the specialized and friendly staff, brought Holiday Inn Thessaloniki to the top performing hotels in Europe, Middle East and Africa with the achievement of the “Torchbearer Award 2006”. Mr Aristotelis Thomopoulos, the President and Managing Director of the hotel said: “Our primary goal is to provide high quality services. The recognition of our high performance by our guests is a great honor for us. We will try very hard to keep Holiday Inn Thessaloniki, among the top hotels of Intercontinental Hotels Group in Europe, Middle East and Africa. I would like to thank our hotel’s personnel for its great contribution regarding the achievement of this significant distinction”. Torchbearer Award 2006 Holiday Inn Thessaloniki
It is widely known that Intercontinental Hotels Group is the largest hotel chain all over the world. It owns or controls 3.700 hotels with a total of 560.000 rooms, in approximately 100 countries and territories.


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